Jonah Garson is honored that so many civic leaders, current and former elected officials, and active members of our local Democratic community support his campaign for NC House.

Larry Parrish
Harriet Sava
Maripat Metcalf
Mike & Terry Hammersly
Elaine Tobin
Margaret Sachs
Nancy Martin
Coolie Monroe
Scott Alexander
Marrel Foushee
Theresa Merritt-Watson
Amy Tiemann
Riza Jenkins
Jamil Kedoura
Thomas Link
Meryl Kanfer
Caroline Lowe
Ruth Davis Proctor
Sheryl Emch


About Jonah, INDY Week writes:

“Garson’s tenacity and dedication will serve Democrats—who have been sidelined by gerrymandering over the past decade—well if they are to continue to organize, push a progressive agenda, and win many more future elections with the potential to secure a majority this decade. Garson has a vision for that path forward.” 

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